Google’s AngularJS 2 Release


Since the mid 1990s, JavaScript has been a common programming language used as a basis for the creation of dynamic websites and applications. It’s simple enough for even those with basic programming knowledge and understanding to use, yet it is quickly evolving and becoming the fastest way to create all kinds of functionality across a […]

The 3 Main Users of LeanFT


LeanFT is a lightweight, powerful functional automated testing solution supporting a wide range of AUT solutions. Mainly targeted to dev-testers in Agile teams, Test Automation Engineers and Subject Matter Experts, LeanFT fully integrates with the development and Quality Assurance Eco Systems.

Simple Steps to Create a Website Using WordPress

WordPress Logo

Start-up businesses and small businesses can extend their presence into the Internet with a simple Website that is easy to create and manage. A basic Website just needs a few pages: the home page, a section providing background information on the company, a page for the company’s product offerings, a contact page, and a section […]

Why are US businesses struggling to find tech talent?


The USA is at the forefront of technology in the 21st century, with the likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple powerfully representing the country, but despite this many American businesses are facing difficulties when it comes to technology development. Companies across the states are currently struggling to find tech talent in their local area, reporting that […]

Three ways to ensure your contact center delivers great customer service every time


When it comes to dealing with customers, one of the most important ports of call is your contact centre. Perhaps more than anything else, the contact centre is the point where you have the opportunity to create a great first impression, or completely put off a prospective client. For this reason, it’s vital to ensure that […]

How to successfully manage a nearshore dedicated development team


With rising labour costs and a relative scarcity of high quality .Net developers in the US, nearshore software outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses throughout the country. Combining the economic advantages of outsourcing whilst being situated within a short journey from your base in the US, nearshore development provides the happy medium […]

How to build a dedicated development team


Creating great software starts with great people, but finding them is the tricky part. Given the hotly competitive nature of the tech sector, it’s more essential than ever to form a highly skilled team to develop incredible software – and one whose members get on with each other so there’s no disrupting friction. Here are […]

.NET coming to Mac and Linux


Microsoft’s .NET and Visual Studio development tools will be available for Mac OS and Linux, the company announced, as it continues to push forward with its open source, cloud-based and cross platform strategy. This is not the only surprise found within the Visual Studio 2015 release; an Android emulator is also provided as part of the […]

ASP.NET MVC 5 – is it worth the trouble of an upgrade?


Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC 5 promises a number of tantalising new features over its predecessors. These include: attribute-based routing, filter overrides, native support of Twitter’s Bootstrap code for CSS and HTML5 enabled sites, simple integration to work across multiple frameworks and easier authentication. Let’s go through the enhancements and improvements included in the update in a little […]

How to find the right software developer for your new business


You understand what you want from your software – more or less. What you don’t understand is that mysterious coding thing developers do that makes it work. So how are you going to choose the software developer who’s going to help you make your new business fly? Won’t the charlatans run rings around you? You […]