Sometimes off-the-shelf software simply won’t do. Whether you’ve got a specific usage case that ready-made software packages can’t meet, or you want a tool from a certain package without paying for all the extra bulk, we can help, with custom software development.

Custom development allows you to tailor your software exactly to the needs of your business. By leveraging modern web app technologies, you use software outsourcing to create software that’s synced across your business, at a fraction of the price and upkeep of traditional software solutions.

Comprehensive development

Our team are skilled and experienced in a full range of powerful development frameworks, allowing us to create comprehensive solutions, tailor-made to fit your exact usage needs.

We harness Microsoft technologies, such as the ASP.NET framework, ASP and Microsoft SQL, alongside industry standards, such as C#, and the powerful Ruby on Rails framework. We have specialisms in web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, Javascript and JQuery. From the modern front-end, to the heavy-duty database, we’re ready to meet your needs.

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The Agile way

The Agile development method, first introduced in 2001, has fast become an important standard within customer software development.

Agile development was born out of the limitations of end-focused software development, where significant time and effort may be spent working towards a complete product, without testing and fault-checking until late in the project. Often, the originally proposed solution turns out not to meet the usage case, and needs re-factoring – a process that leads to significant time wastage and loss of money.

As an alternative, the Agile methodology relies on fast iteration, frequent client communication, and frequent testing. Software is developed ‘from the ground up’, with small parts being created and tested before combining for the final product. This method provides a great deal of flexibility – problems and necessary changes can be spotted early-on, and changes made quickly and at low cost.

Using technologies such as the Scrum framework, we perform all of our custom software development in the Agile methodology. Combined with the lower costs of outsourcing software development to our team in Costa Rica, our Custom Web Applications Development is the obvious option for any company looking into custom software development.