A great option for any company is to have their own dedicated development team. It’s an especially attractive solution for situations when regular iteration and deployment of new technologies, new services, and other software needs are in demand.

Having a dedicated team who know the demands of your business and your software needs is invaluable for many businesses, but the cost of maintaining an in-house team is simply unviable for many people. With nearshore dedicated development teams, you can have all the fast-response benefits of an in-house team at a fraction of the cost.

Nearshoring with FusionHit – The Perfect Solution

The benefits to business of offshoring have been known for many years – skilled workers and effective service can be had at a fraction of local costs.

However, the downsides are all-too-known for many people – relying on a team halfway across the world, in a completely different time zone can cause working difficulties and delayed service. These problems are exacerbated when you’re trying to deal with the fast-paced, ‘always on’ world of web technologies and software development.

Nearshore, then, is the perfect solution. Offering all of the competitive pricing that outsourced teams are renowned for, while providing a close time zone match for your business – meaning that when you’re at work, we are too!

Based in Costa Rica, our nearshore software developers are highly skilled and well experienced in working with American business. They know inside-out the demands of modern digital enterprise, and are ready to help you with whatever your business needs.

It’s our goal to provide a service that is nearly identical to what you’d receive from a company down the road while keeping high quality standards. Our nearshore software development teams are chosen for their ability to guide and assist clients, and provide world-class service at all times.

Our commitment to the Agile development methodology means we’re real believers in the need for engagement – a real back-and-forth between developer and client. The real-time communication we offer is invaluable when it comes to any effective development project, especially during the build phases, as well as during implementation and maintenance.

Building the Best Teams

Our nearshore software development teams work directly with you, just as an in-house team would – they get to know your business, your needs, and the needs of your staff or customers.

For every project, we hand-pick our team members from a pool of expert developers, ensuring their skillsets match perfectly with the project requirements.

We are committed to providing an excellent working environment for our developers, meaning we benefit from the kind of retention that makes for the best dedicated development teams. That means committed, long-term working relationships with people who know your software inside-out, who can alter, update and renew software based on requirements they understand inside-out.

Whether you provide a web and software service to your clients, or you want a fully-maintained and updated app for iPhone or Android, we’re able to bring together the very best developers and project managers to make sure that your software fits your needs exactly.

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