Microsoft Dynamics 365

A cloud-based suite of smart business applications, Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines the best of two worlds. Offering an extensive range of customer relationship management (CRM) resources with an equally impressive collection of enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools, the platform is a powerful and efficient way for mid-to-large-sized businesses to integrate and manage their business operations.

From customer insights and omnichannel engagement tools to project service automation and HR resources, the platform’s numerous features can be tailored in any way a business requires. Ideal for larger companies with more complex production and marketing systems, the platform’s integrated real-time data allows them to engage more effectively with their customers, optimize buying experiences, and generally build better customer relations while not losing track of their production pipelines. What’s more, with the system’s built-in AI predicting consumer behavior and even providing customer sentiment analysis during calls, you’ll wonder how you survived without it.

That said, for all the impressive functionality the platform offers, in order for a business to gain the full benefits of Dynamics, the platform is going to require extensive configuration as well as integration with third-party systems. Fortunately, at FusionHit, we have a dedicated team that specializes in the platform that can make sure its functionalities are optimized for your needs. 


Gaining the full power of Dynamics

No matter what your business, FusionHit’s development team can customize Microsoft Dynamics to meet even the most specific of requirements. With our trusted team expert in any number of technologies (JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, .NET, Azure, ASP.NET, Power BI, to name but a few) we’re ideally equipped to create and deploy bespoke solutions for Dynamics that squeeze every last drop of performance out of the platform for your company.

Whether you require tailored portal design, bespoke extensions, or CRM upgrades, FusionHit will turn an already impressive platform into a veritable powerhouse dedicated to your specific needs. Handling all configuration, data migration as well as training and coaching, FusionHit provides all the tools necessary for your business to engage with Dynamics in the most effective way possible

A Dynamic leap forward

As part of the Microsoft ecosystem, there’s little doubt about the benefit that Dynamics offers businesses  — with its suite of interconnected applications, it’s the business metaverse in all but name. However, with FusionHit added to the equation, the platform achieves a new level of effectiveness and functionality. With bespoke backend and frontend development as well as integration with your business systems via Azure, QBO, Mailchimp, etc, FusionHit can enhance the dynamics to such a degree that your competitors will think Bill Gates designed it for you personally.

If you’d like to know more about Microsoft Dynamics and how FusionHit can tailor it or your business, contact us. Not only do we have extensive experience with the platform, but one of our staff is a certified Dynamics Solution Architect — so you’ll be talking to the right people.