What is Microsoft .Net?

Microsoft.Net is a developer framework that is used to create web services, web applications and form applications.

To create a high-level app, developers need a framework that offers an exceptional feature-rich environment and Microsoft.Net comes with a powerful suite of tools that our engineers make the most of when creating a superior app.

General Concepts

In creating Microsoft.Net, Microsoft has produced a very well-appointed framework that excels in certain areas.

Microsoft.Net is a framework built for large, scalable applications that have global aspirations. Any other framework rarely matches the level of features, cross-platform integration and security. FusionHit has found Microsoft.net to be a platform for building the most advanced level of application.

The Microsoft .Net Ecosystem

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The cross-platform execution of Microsoft.net comes courtesy of three implementations. The NET Framework – the original for Windows -, the .NET (also known as .NET Core) for Windows, Linux and macOS, and Xamarin/Mono which runs apps on iOS and Android. 

To create a high-level app, developers need a framework that offers a feature-rich environment. Microsoft.Net comes with a powerful suite of tools within the common infrastructure including build tools and runtime components, the Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Features and Benefits of Microsoft.net

Feautures .Net

There are several benefits to working with Microsoft.Net. 

Language interoperability means that code written in several different languages can still be used by Microsoft.Net. This is a benefit firstly because we can make use of our brightest and best developers, regardless of the language they use. Secondly, language operability maximizes the opportunity to reuse code, achieving efficiency in development.

Focus on security – Microsoft.Net utilizes Windows’ built-in authentication and per-application configuration. The applications we develop are safe and secure to a high level.

High-performing features – Microsoft.Net is regarded as the fastest web application framework available on the market. There are several features that aid in this. Firstly, the use of the asynchronous I/O-based server Kestrel. Secondly, when it comes to translating into machine code, the ASP.Net core of Microsoft.Net uses compiler-based technology which is faster than using an interpreter.

Hire a FusionHit .Net Development Team for Your Project

Nearsourcing your software development to FusionHit is a cost-effective way of making use of a whole team of experts that may not exist for you inhouse.

When creating high-level apps for our clients, FusionHit engineers turn to the best tools and technologies available on the market, like Microsoft.Net. And to make sure we are making use of these tools in as best a way as possible; we stay up to date with our skills. FusionHit’s Microsoft-certified team includes developers who are qualified as Azure developers and administrators, DevOps engineers and solution architects, up to Associate and Expert levels.

All team members are fluent in English and Spanish and have up to 10 years’ experience. We use Agile methodologies to manage your project and ensure on-time delivery at every stage. Our team uses transparent processes and a robust approach to learning and making improvements through testing.