DevOps may be the biggest game-changer the IT sector has seen in recent times. It gives businesses the perfect opportunity to work with software in a revolutionary, new way. Combining both software development and software operation (hence the name!), DevOps is an area we are experts in.

Why choose DevOps for your business?

This is the burning question that many people ask us! Put simply, it makes automation of your software its prime goal to free up your staff to focus on other key areas. Too much time is wasted in businesses by not automating software and applications. With DevOps, you can avoid this costly error and allow different processes within your company to be automated for maximum efficiency.

Speed is the prime benefit of using our DevOps services also. We will design software to automate your relevant business processes and deliver the new software to you fast. This naturally gives your business a great competitive advantage over others in your field as well as making sure you are always on the cutting-edge.

If you want to have the best software developed to use in your organization at a quicker rate and with stunning results, choose our DevOps services.

What tools do we use in our DevOps services?

What tools do we use in our DevOps services?

Within the sector, there are a few industry leading tools we like to call on. They are:

  • Ansible
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Jenkins

But why do we choose these particular tools to use at FusionHit? To put it simply, they are all great tools to work with that deliver outstanding results for our clients.

All these DevOps tools are simple for you to operate when ready and enable us to develop and deliver software to you quickly. They are all also superb for automating the different processes you may need to in your business and save yourself a ton of time. Whether you ask us to use Ansible, Chef, Puppet or Jenkins when developing software for you, you will not be disappointed.