What is PHP?

TPHP (PHP: Hypertext Processor) is one of the oldest scripting languages having been developed in 1994. It is an open-source language, known for its loose structure and its flexibility in that it can be run on any number of operating systems (macOS, Linux, Windows etc.) and can be used in conjunction with many other languages (HTML, Java etc). It is server-side and object-orientated.

If you could write the perfect programming language it might look very like PHP. Although it has been around for many years, it still performs brilliantly. At FusionHit we have used it for web forums, e-commerce sites, social networks, and many websites for businesses of all sizes. In particular, PHP is of immense importance should you want us to build a WordPress plugin as WordPress is built on PHP.

PHP Benefits

To assist in a cost-effective project, PHP has attracted some very effective frameworks that FusionHit developers can draw on including Laravel, Cake, CodeIgniter and Zend.

There is a vast range of website design templates available, particularly through the PHP content management systems such as WordPress (the world’s number one), Drupal and Joomla.

If you are planning on an e-commerce site, again PHP is a great choice, with major shopping options such as Zencart and Magento being based on PHP.

PHP Features

PHP starts with a fairly loose syntax that allows it to work with a large range of frameworks and be platform-independent. Its popularity has led to many frameworks being created and a large developer community that helps to produce a better programming experience.  There are a number of features that help our developers produce great performing code including a robust error tracking system.

Outsourcing PHP Developers

FusionHit offers PHP development experience and specialist knowledge not often found within a general in-house development team. Our service is focused and fast.

Outsourcing can put your IT project on the fast track where the deliverables arrive on time and surpass your expectations.

Why you should hire FusionHit Outsourced PHP Developers?

FusionHit developers will apply PHP to your project with an eye for detail.

When there are as many options as PHP offers, it is important your nearshore software team has a clear understanding of your needs. Our PHP experts stay focused on what you and your customers will want from a website or application and not be distracted by the latest trends or fashion amongst developers.

We offer a clear onboarding system for new projects, transparency in project status and fast communication with your project team.