The secret to a positive digital experience is in the minute detail of the design. When a customer lands on your site it needs to be memorable and efficient design is key in achieving this; if you start by understanding your target users and their needs, you can marry these with your business goals, in the process creating the ideal user experience.

The user interface (UI) defines the experience that the world has of your brand, and a powerful UI is able to bridge the gap between the brain and what is presented in digital form – effective design is carried out with a strong understanding of human behavior and how people browse. User research and testing means that we have a strong grasp of what good design is.

FusionHit has a proven record in creating fantastic UI/UX. Through a range of fields and varying requirements, we know how to make an impact on your users and carry out our design processes meticulously to ensure we deliver a solid return on investment. The UI relates to how the product looks, feels and can be interacted with; user experience (UX) optimizes the flow and interactivity of the design by combining the needs of businesses and users, carried out by our experts who are armed with extensive research.

Offering a great user experience

The best applications can be defined by a positive and seamless user experience. We take UX seriously and combine aesthetically-pleasing design with evidence-based research to inform how we approach user flow. This methodology allows us to provide beautiful design which is not only functional, but also entirely intuitive for the end user.

UI design

We have in-house web designers who carry a wide range of experience in designing functional, attractive products that work well and look just as fantastic across all platforms: whether it be web, tablet or mobile.

User testing & research

At FusionHit we are constantly looking to expand our knowledge of what works and what can set a product apart. By constantly using feedback to better understand how the end-user experience is shaped by various design choices, we can design products with empirically-backed information as to what works.

The benefits of implementing UI/UX design

  • Improves SEO ratings which can snowball into a significant increase in organic search results.
  • Early implementation of effective UX can prevent any usability issues as well as expensive redesigns.
  • Can create a product that people want to use due to it being intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Boosts conversion rates with customers being able to get to know your brand better while being conducive to more site interaction.
  • Ensures that you have high customer retention thus maximizing your bottom line.

Whether you need us to work on a completely new solution, or to expand and improve an existing one, we deliver a professional product with evidence-based research underpinning its effectiveness on promoting a positive brand experience and seamless end-user interactions. Contact us at to see how we can meet your design needs.