The Android operating system (Android OS) is an open-source mobile phone platform. It launched in 2008 by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google. The OHA is a group of over 80 technology and mobile companies. These included mobile operators, software companies, semiconductor manufacturers and handset manufacturers such as Google, Sony, Dell, Samsung and NVidia.  

Members of the Alliance agree to develop devices that run on Android and not to develop any forking (i.e., create a separate software). This has meant that the Android OS runs on a vast number of devices   

It is impossible to ignore the scale and importance that Android has had since its launch. If you are considering any kind of app project then serious consideration needs to be made about the adoption of the Android operating system. 

An Android app has the potential to reach a vast audience thanks to the popularity of Android smartphones and other mobile tablets. 

Three key Android’s benefits for your next app project

Open source

The Android software is covered by a general public license (GPL) and has experienced a vast number of developers and teams wanting to work with the software to produce the widest range of apps available. Android has been used to produce a vast range of types of applications, from location-based apps to leisure and hospitality to games and e-commerce applications.

Google involvement

The tech company’s promotion of Android has meant many Google-friendly features are available such as Google account syncing across devices.

Continual Innovation

The latest version of Android, released in 2021 is version 12 which includes updated capabilities such as improvements to the responsiveness of the UI, customizable colors and better accessibility for users with vision issues.

FusionHit offers a complete range of services for App development in Android Devices

Our Android development team employs a unique proprietary system of software development that produces great results every time. The stages of our development system are:

  • Concept
  • Interaction
  • Design
  • Code
  • Testing

FusionHit’s investment in the future of Android – Kotlin

 The primary programming language of Android is Java, a language FusionHit developers are very comfortable working with. They like the relatively compact nature of the language, with a smaller chance of syntactical errors whilst writing. And that translates to development time efficiency and less wasted budget.

However, FusionHit looks forward to an exciting future for Android. And one of the features that continue to be on the rise is the Kotlin development language. This language, introduced in 2016, has many advantages over Java including how it deals with Null Pointer Exceptions (NPE) and an even more reduced syntax. Kotlin can be used client-side and server-side and is interoperable with Java.

Outsourcing Android developers

Outsourcing android developers is the practice of a company hiring an external development team to complete a project rather than relying on their internal IT or development department. It is a more cost-effective way of completing a development project. As the dev team is outsourced, their location can be farther afield, allowing a company the flexibility to hire the best team for their budget.