What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), a software suite that assists in the creation of a website. In the back end, WordPress organizes files and manages the content. In the front end, it allows for the design of pages. Since its origins as software for blogging, WordPress has been free and open source and has risen to become the most popular platform for website development in the world. This has been due, in great part, to the fact that the developer needs no coding skills: the interface WordPress Editor does It for you. WordPress has always been a bit of a blank slate (to maintain its flexibility) so the functionality needed for the wide range of websites built on this system comes from a large selection of plugins. 

Our WordPress experts here at FusionHit never forget that whilst WordPress is prevalent, popular, and easy to get started with, it is in fact a CMS that does need careful management when creating front and back-end solutions. Applied to complex, professional websites, WordPress’s reliance on third-party plugins, for example, requires an experienced developer to ensure compatibility and robust functionality.  In addition, the use of pre-designed website themes is so common that many WordPress websites can appear similar.

WordPress Benefits

The WordPress CMS offers several features that benefit your website project. The back-end organization of files and folders is simple and effective, and the responsive design capabilities are easy to use. WordPress makes websites SEO-friendly and offers customers advanced features such as multiple payment gateways (such as WooCommerce). There is also on offer a vast marketplace of off-the-shelf plugins. 

WordPress offers FusionHit’s developers an unlimited combination of setups and functionality to choose from. The main features that have led WordPress to become the world’s most popular CMS are:

  • Ease of installation
  • Regular upgrades of the system to remove issues and improve performance
  • Vast range of theme designs
  • Constant updating of plugins to add more features

Outsourcing WordPress Developers – What Is It?

A WordPress developer will take your vision of how your website project should look and function and make it into a reality. 

WordPress code is not directly changed by the developer, most WordPress projects include a number of plug-ins and these do change the way the CMS functions. By outsourcing your WordPress project to FusionHit, our expert team will test and debug your application, applying their knowledge in areas such as creating a custom theme using Elementor or building a custom plugin.

Why You Should Hire WordPress Developers Outsourced

A FusionHit developer will be able to judge if WordPress is the right fit for your project. WordPress is not suitable for every project and it takes an experienced developer to consider how well WordPress will serve a client’s needs.

Whilst you don’t need coding knowledge to create a WordPress website, there are still many issues in more complex projects that deserve the attention of our professional developers: bugs and testing, use of git for managing code, managing the project and keeping control through version tracking. Our developers are there to translate your requirements into reality through their expert in-depth knowledge of WordPress, its themes, frameworks, and plugins.