What is Java?

Java is a programming language used to develop applications that work in a distributed manner. The language is general-purpose, free, open-source, multi-platform and object-oriented. You will find Java being used to support applications that run on multiple devices like a desktop or mobile phone.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages ever created, having been around since 1995 and has been used for millions of applications from websites and games to apps and add-ons. It is one of the most preferred languages for server programming and enterprise applications.

Despite its age, you can still find Java in some of the most well-known Android applications today including WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Flipkart. It is also used widely in web applications and e-commerce sites including SAP, Netflix, NetSuite, Alfresco, and YouTube.

We believe that Java still has a lot of potential waiting to be realized.

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General Concepts

Inside Java, there are three central concepts: the Java Development Kit (JDK), the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the Java Runtime Environment (JREA);

  • JDK – to compile and debug a Java Program, this kit, with its tools and executables is needed 
  • JVM – developers can manage memory, arrange garbage collection and security.
  • JREA – the platform that allows all these tools to be used

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Advantages Of Outsourcing Java Services To FusionHit

What does it mean to have your outsourced Java project with FusionHit? Here at FusionHit, we find that Java brings down the implementation time and therefore the cost of a project. By allowing for more accurate budgeting of projects, shorter time frames, and fewer issues.

FusionHit, the Spring Framework Experts

The Spring Framework is an open-source tool and is probably the most popular application development framework for enterprise-level Java particularly as an addition to the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) model. All Java applications can make use of the Spring Framework and the developer community has made the framework the go-to option as an addition to the Enterprise JavaBeans (EHB) model.

Our implementation team is free to focus on the code instead of focusing on the application infrastructure. At FusionHit, we can put together projects in record time thanks to our investment in Spring. And we feel that our expert application of the Spring Framework brings out the best of Java and reaps rewards for our customers.

We also have experience with Spring Boot, an extension built on top of the conventional Spring Framework. Spring Boot applications avoid the traditional large amount of configuration by being auto-configured.

Using React.js for Your Java Project

FusionHit’s Java developers also recommend using React.js.

React.js is a lightweight, front-end Javascript library developed by Facebook for building user interfaces. It has a clever way of updating the DOM that doesn’t sacrifice speed. Because it can handle constant updating, it is particularly useful for single-page applications (SPAs) and dynamic websites. Stack Overflow’s 2019 Developer Survey ranked React as number one amongst developers as the most used and loved web framework.

FusionHit’s Java Tech Stack Developers

A full-stack Java developer writes code in all three layers of an application: front-end, back-end and the database layer. Our developers bring all these features together in seamless, on-time project delivery.

FusionHit offers confident, experienced and certified experts in Java. Oracle owns and distributes Java worldwide and offers a wealth of education on this language.

To find out how we can help you make the best use of Java for your next project, complete our inquiry form.