What is .Net core and why it’s better?

What is .Net core?

The .Net core is basically an addition to the already very popular .NET framework. It extends the use ability of .Net framework by allowing several new tweaks, which weren’t there before on .NET platform. Let’s have a look how .Net core is different and more compatible compared to other similar framework’s.

 A brief history:

Microsoft has been working a lot to make .net more enhance and user accessible. There .NET framework was one favorite tool for many developers as they could code in various programming languages including C, C++ and python. Due to this .Net became very popular and common among programmers. Over the time, Microsoft kept supporting .net platform but this time they wanted to introduce some new add ons which could make it even more convenient so, they came up with .Net core framework.

Benefits of .Net core and how is it better?

As mentioned earlier, .Net core brings a new updated package for its users. Let’s take a look how convenient this new package is.

1: Open source:

On .Net framework users weren’t unable to share the code on all the major platforms. This became an issue especially for Mac users. The .Net core runtime will be shared by the open source community which in collaboration with .Net will enhance the overall frame work. Then developers can share it on Mac and Linux without any issues. This is not only helpful for current .net users but will also facilitate new comers. However, initially it’s only available for windows but after some time programmers would be able to share the code on all major plat forms.

2: More secure than ever:

.Net core can be shipped as a private .Net core version. Now what does this mean? It means that you can ship a private version of .Net framework for your own set of applications.

This sounds very interesting because not only it will secure your .Net framework but will also strengthen the versatility of this framework.

3: Cross platform:

As stated earlier the new .net core framework will allow the programmers to access it on all three major platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. So, no need to stick with Windows to access the latest .Net framework.


The new and enhanced .net core framework seems the best coding tool at the moment. Microsoft has finally resolved the compatibility issue as Net can be access on all three major operating systems. There are several other enhancements too. It’s great to see that how Microsoft has made an already very popular framework even better and convenient. It will definitely attract a lot of new users too.

All in all .Net core framework seems quite promising for the near future.

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