Three ways to ensure your contact center delivers great customer service every time

When it comes to dealing with customers, one of the most important ports of call is your contact centre. Perhaps more than anything else, the contact centre is the point where you have the opportunity to create a great first impression, or completely put off a prospective client. For this reason, it’s vital to ensure that your contact centre is working effectively to deliver great service to both customers and prospective clients.

Whether your contact centre is in Costa Rica or beyond, there are several key points to bear in mind when looking to improve customer service. Here at FusionHit, we’ve thought of a few ideas you can use in your business:

Provide frequent training opportunities for staff

One crucial aspect of contact centres is that staff must be well-informed about the subject they’re discussing. Any sign of being ill-informed can instantly put off a prospective client, and for this reason, it’s vital to keep staff up-to-date on the latest news, services, and changes within the company. Not only will this reduce the amount of time spent looking for answers, but it’ll also increase the confidence of your staff.

Prioritise the customer experience

One trap which contact centres often fall into is rewarding staff based on the number of customers served. This can result in rushed telephone calls, where the customer is left wanting more information, and the member of staff doesn’t provide the best service. For this reason, it’s often better to reward staff based on customer satisfaction, and on whether or not they’ve resolved the issue at hand (‘first call resolution’).

Improve the workspace environment

Fitting comfortable chairs and improving the office surroundings may seem inconsequential, but doing so is a great way to ensure that your staff are comfortable and at ease when dealing with clients. After all, a relaxed member of staff is far more likely to provide great, comprehensive customer service than one who is stressed, uncomfortable, and placed in unpleasant surroundings.

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