Why Every Company Needs An Amazon Alexa Skill Strategy

Business organizations of all sizes are beginning to appreciate all the benefits of Alexa voice command technology. Just some of the ways this technology improves the work and home environment are by way of calendar management, internal departmental queries and contacts with home to switch household appliances and devices on and off.

You can source lots of Alexa Skills information on Amazon, including details about Alexa for Business.

Reasons for businesses to adopt Alexa Skills

The Alexa voice interface can be used with Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap and Echo Look devices and users are finding it’s quick and natural to use voice activation to carry out a variety of humdrum tasks. Some of the reasons your business needs to develop Alexa Skills include:

1. There were more than 10mn Alexa devices sold by May 2017 and the Alexa Skills marketplace has grown from 1,000 skills to 15,000 in about a year. Business analysts are now predicting that Alexa will be a $10bn industry by 2020 and it’s likely around 30% of all human-machine interactions will take place via voice command.

2. The Alexa API is open source, so any developer can build Skills by way of third-party apps. This offers businesses incredible opportunities to seize a share of this lucrative market.

Some of the ways Alexa Skills are benefiting organizations

There are lots of ways Alexa is already benefiting businesses. Workstation employees find that use of Alexa makes it easier to focus on the most important tasks and build heightened levels of productivity. Tailored Alexa Skills development helps workers keep track of calendars and to-do lists and can also be used to set reminders. Voice commands also make it easier to direct dial into conference calls and make telephone calls. When voice commands are pre-set it’s also possible to quickly access business information, such as warehouse and inventory date or sales data.

In conferences

Used in conference settings, Alexa voice commands can easily be integrated to present information, use remote controls, control equipment and appliances, and take over conference presentations. Maintaining ambient temperature and lighting in meeting rooms is a truly simple matter, when one voice command can handle all controls. What’s more, just one quick voice command “Alexa start my meeting” will begin your meeting.

Workplace understanding

Use of Alexa Skills allows you to add voice-enablement to an entire workplace. This could be used for directing visitors to destinations or helping workers carry out routine tasks. New hires and visitors to your workplace will find it much easier to get around buildings when Alexa voice-enablement is available for guidance.

Alexa can voice-enable a brand’s products and services

Some of the most popular hospitality providers in the United States are already using Alexa to make guests and diners more at ease. Alexa instructions can help guests and diners in a lot of ways, including playing their favorite music tracks when required or assisting with room service orders. You can develop Alexa Skills to suit your product or service and offer the sort of customized support that provides users with the best solutions to their problems. It is also a unique marketing tool for any organization. You will find that tailoring Alexa Skills to suit your own business offerings will truly redefine your customer interactions and help ensure continued popularity of your business and products.

Millennials and Generation Z consumers prefer voice command interactions

It’s already been shown that over 50% of millennials would rather use voice commands for interactions with smart devices. While the post-millennial Generation Z organically use voice as a primary form of interaction with any type of machine.

The modern working environment is moving towards the type of workplace appreciated by millennials and it’s considered to be only a matter of time before Generation Z workers in the business sector will necessitate even greater use of voice commands throughout the industry.

Alexa Skills are still new to the marketplace and organizations have lots of time to experiment with this interface and develop the best types of interactions to suit employees, users and customers. You can make a start right now by augmenting all existing mobile apps and web apps with these Alexa voice-enabled interactions.

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