Why agile software development with Scrum methodology is great for developers

Today’s application market is fast-paced, and is becoming increasingly more rapid. The traditional project management methodologies such as PRINCE2 in the UK and Waterfall are no longer suitable to meet the demands of the modern programming market.

Whereas traditional methodologies rely on the completion of steps before work can progress, Agile Scrum methodology is an iterative process that delivers functionality in the product along the entire project lifecycle.

Each stage of the project is done in sprints, with aspects of the product completed in order of their priority. This can allow for a product to be rolled out before it is completed to full specification as its core functionality is ready to use before additional features are added.

It also allows the customer to be involved more in the development process as they can see each stage of the product’s development and provide feedback along the way.

Probably the greatest benefit of Agile Scrum is that it is a more flexible process, which is essential in a programming project. Other methodologies require settling on the description and specification of the final product before work commences. Whilst this may be crucial in other industries (such as engineering and architecture), it leaves little room for modification in a programming environment, where a product tends to need a little tweaking here and there when it’s being prototyped, or to respond to the changes in the market trends.

If developers are working on an application and complete it to its full specification, only to find that the client requires major modifications, it can add large delays to the deployment of the application and increase the cost of the project.

With Agile Scrum, the application is reviewed along each step of the process, meaning that changes can be made during the product’s development with comparatively greater ease. It benefits both the developer team and the customer as it reduces the development time cost.

For Agile developer teams, the benefits extend beyond customer satisfaction and development time. Using the Agile Scrum methodology is a more collaborative process, which brings each area of the team closer together to work as one unit.

The key aspect of the Agile Scrum is having a daily meeting where everyone discusses what they’ve been working on and what’s next. It allows the teams to share problems and brainstorm together to devise solutions together, which can lead to a better working environment for the developers.

Ultimately, who benefits the most from Agile Software Development with Scrum ? The end user.

Due to the iterative nature of the product development, the application has undergone a great deal of review, tweaking and testing along its development process, so the finished product has already dealt with the majority of issues or bugs and is at its most optimum level by the time it reaches the consumer.

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