FusionHit Lands in the West Coast of Los Angeles California

A direct result of FusionHit’s continued success in recent years, the decision to open a branch office in Silicon Beach, Los Angeles was born of a desire to give our US clients the added benefits which a national presence in their country could bring. With our Costa Rica office already thriving, it seemed timely to expand into the US, further reinforcing the relationships we have with our customers. In addition, by locating in Silicon Beach, we are ideally placed to form lasting relationships with other key players in the tech and entertainment industries, due to the numerous opportunities for collaborative working which exist in the local area.

Why Silicon Beach?

The decision to open a branch in Silicon Beach was based on the existing local economy there, as well as the projected opportunities for future growth. Although traditionally tech companies have tended to cluster in just a few areas across the States (for example, Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay, NYC, Boston and Seattle), there are signs that new areas of tech concentration are developing. One of these is Silicon Beach: the area encompasses places such as Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, El Segundo and Venice. Based around Los Angeles, it is now home to several key players within the tech industry, with more predicting the opening of a shop or satellite office in the next year or two.

Software outsourcing and development

Establishing a base in Silicon Beach enables us to expand our comprehensive selection of software development services, using our innovative, pro-active approach to facilitate fresh, dynamic projects. Our team is highly skilled in responding quickly to software challenges and problems, coming up with fresh, imaginative solutions which provide exceptional benefits for the end user. Able to work through a variety of software mediums, we are also able to develop apps, undertake product development and provide a reliable partner for all your outsourcing requirements. For businesses that want to free up their in-house team for other projects or to attend to core business, we offer a flexible, inventive outsourcing alternative.

Top tech firms will be our neighbors

A number of internationally recognized tech firms are already located in, or in the process of moving to, the Silicon Beach area, recognizing the area’s potential. Usually, the presence of multi-nationals promotes a ripple effect, resulting in SMEs and start-ups also considering LA as a suitable location. This trend is already being realized: recent data indicates that venture capital investment in local tech companies is also growing rapidly – a clear sign that this is an area which is beginning to hot up as a hub of technological innovation and change. Office rental prices and property rents are rising as a result. Obviously, tech companies are going to need the expertise which a strong software development company such as ourselves has to offer, which is why we’ve acquired a local presence “where the action is”.

Particular opportunities in the advertising and entertainment sectors

We offer versatile software services which can be adapted to meet the needs of many different markets. The entertainment and advertising sectors are already well-established in Silicon Beach: talented start-ups are a key feature of the local economy, fed by talent from nearby educational establishments. With so much to offer businesses of all shapes and sizes, our decision to open an office in Silicon Beach is a springboard for our continued expansion and growth.

We look forward to providing high-grade outsourcing activities across Silicon Beach and beyond, presenting our customers with cost-effective, flexible solutions. With years of experience behind us and a clear commitment to always give our customers more, we offer a one-stop solution to all your software outsourcing requirements.

If you are interested in our offering, please get in touch and we will be happy to setup a meeting and discuss further.




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