Successfully outsourcing software development in Costa Rica

Outsourcing software development in Costa Rica is now a normal practice in the technology industry, and it’s not just about lowering costs – outsourcing gives companies global access to highly qualified developers, while modern ways of working ensure quality and timeliness are still guaranteed.

Realizing the benefits

One of the obvious reasons for outsourcing software development is the price – differing costs of living mean a developer in Latin America will cost much less to hire than one in the US.

But as well as lowering costs, one of the main motivations for businesses to outsource software development is discovering professionals with the right skill set.

Technology is a global industry, and the ongoing tech boom taking place in countries like Costa Rica has created a pool of high-quality talent working for established developers to produce software for leading, multinational technology companies like IBM, Microsoft and Apple.

Outsourcing software development also saves time, as companies can confidently outsource aspects of a project that would normally require hiring more home staff, or be put off until later.

Overcoming challenges

Handing over an important part of a business to a company on another continent may sound risky, but qualified professionals using proven business practices can easily overcome any challenges.

For example, the rapid development of communication technology may have made outsourcing software development feasible, but there is more to communication than conference calling.

Teamwork and testing on the side of the software developers are vital to ensure meaningful, timely feedback and provide quality assurance.

Companies in Costa Rica like FusionHit use an agile software development approach, where face-to-face collaboration, ongoing testing and daily meetings between team members put communication and feedback at the heart of project management.

Cultural differences can sometimes cause concern, as countries often have different work cultures and differing expectations of employees.

That’s why so many companies in the US choose to outsource software development to Costa Rica, where US business practices are the norm, the time never differs by more than an hour or two, and there are experienced developers with a proven record of delivering success for American companies.

Analyst firm Gartner made Costa Rica one of eight Latin American countries in its top 30 countries for outsourcing services.

Outsourcing software development can bring real benefits, beyond a mere cutting of costs. Instead, it means being able to find the right developer for the best price, wherever in the world they may be.

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