4 Elements to Build a Great Company Culture

There are many companies around us that we could pick as examples, if we are to build a healthy and favorable company culture in our own organization. Top on the list of companies with such a culture existing, would be large conglomerates such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and many others. Such companies where they enjoy an excellent company culture would generally revolve around their employees and have a direct impact on productivity. When a great company culture exists in any organization the primary aspect that comes to light is the high levels of productivity. This is turn would usher in a healthy working environment where employees would not reluctantly pull themselves out of bed to get to work but wake up with immense enthusiasm to ensure they are at their desks well in time.

Collective responsibility is primary

Such an organization with a great company culture would offer very attractive benefits to their employees, keeping them extremely well motivated to complete delegated tasks. In any successful organization it is one aspect which would stand up very prominently and that is “one for all and all for one” the famous motto of the well known “Three Musketeers”. If each one could contribute at optimum level then collectively the company would be high in productivity and to meet that objective the internal company culture should be at optimum levels too.

At the same time the employees would strive to perform and execute their tasks diligently and at optimum levels, the organization too would have to reciprocate. The most technically advanced tools should be provided to the employees ensuring that their tasks are easily accomplished and completed. Whatever they may be it is always a two way street if an organization contemplates to build and sustain a great company culture.

To build such a company culture, many aspects should all telescope together to meet one primary objective which is high productivity in all spheres. Towards that end a good working environment, optimum remunerations, attractive benefits, the right tools to execute tasks and a healthy working relationship across the floor. Divisions should be nonexistent and there should be a culture of camaraderie within the employees and the management.

It may not all be fun and games, high salaries and good benefits, it is everyone’s fervent duty and responsibility to ensure that such a culture ensures the organization’s success at the end of the day.

The importance of core values

A successful organization would have identified their core values which would be built on what they would need to work on to ensure that the end result is achieved. The end result would be high productivity and towards that end ensuring the core values are met would be of great importance. It is only when core values are set and everyone works towards them, that there would be an overall healthy and conducive, company culture prevailing in the company. When core values take precedence there would be a very healthy environment within the organization with everyone aware of their respective roles. This would filter down to their colleagues as well as to everyone else they would interact with. When co-workers could see eye to eye they would bring that same culture to those on the outside too.

Customers would be happy to engage with companies that have smiling faces on their employees and that would be forthcoming only when they are happy. You cannot force smiles out of anybody, especially unhappy employees, hence when they exude such exuberance it is sure to make customers click.

The four elements to a great company culture

#1. The right people to fit your company culture

It is imperative that the right people from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy fit like a hand into glove with the prevailing great company culture. One bad apple could spoil the whole basket, wherever he or she would be.

#2. Values and Mission of the company down the grapevine

Everyone in the organization should be totally aware of the values and mission which is taking the company forward and the objectives it has set for itself.

#3. Every employee contributes

Contributions from the highest to the lowest in the hierarchy should be entertained and accepted if it would further enhance the prevailing company culture. A chance to contribute should be open ended opportunity because you would not know from where a very positive result orientated contribution would emerge. It could help in further enhancing the prevalent company culture.

#4. It is always teamwork

As mentioned above it should be “one for all and all for one” because no individual could carry the mantle of responsibility to carry the organization forward. It is a collective teamwork and everyone would need to put their weight behind the company with their optimum effort. To achieve such a collective effort it would be imperative that the company culture built on core values click at all times. There cannot be any slack in the efforts and it is only then would the end result, the objectives of the company would be met with success.


What other elements do you think are important for company culture? Let me know in the comments below!


About the Author:

Christopher Neil Santana, Development Director at FusionHit Costa Rica, you can find him on LinkedIn

*This article was originally posted on LinkedIn

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